Saturday, October 2, 2010

Jsem rád, že jsem v Česká Republika!

I just keep waiting for life to naturally wipe this smile off my face! Just visiting the CR would be great, even if it were a short vacation and you knew nobody and the trip was to serve no purpose. It's beautiful, you'd have plenty to do and surely you would enjoy a wonderful time.  But the package deal we got hooked up with, it's even better. Our job consists of working with people almost all the time.  I don't just sit in front of a computer all day, when I am, I'm usually designing fliers on Photoshop or something media related(something I love). I'm sure this excitement can't last forever, but for now I'm truly glad.  We've been here a month, and my grin persists. 

Aside from everyday things, we have two weekly programs in English that we lead or help lead.  The one that's already been going now for two weeks is called, English Christian Fellowship.  This amazing young (Czech) married couple, Blaza and Honza started it a few years ago.  They felt led to start a group that catered primarily to the English speaking foreign exchange students in Brno.  Over the past three weeks we've gotten to know them quite well.  Something about lots of prayer, and knocking on every door in the English speaking dorm at the local University together that really forges relationships. So now we have this really great opportunity to meet Christians our age from all over the world, relate with fellow foreigners about coping with a new culture and language, and most importantly to talk about Jesus (in English). 

We've also been given the assignment of starting a conversational English class.  This starts Wednesday, and really just consists of us picking a topic, and making sure it flows well.  Conversation, tea, and coffee.  With so many adults here in Brno that have been learning English for years, but have had no practical way of putting these skills to use, this will be great for them to talk with native English speakers.

So, what I'm saying is that God is meeting ALL our needs.  It's really been a far smoother transition than we could of expected.  The crazy thing is that I have only expressed a small fraction of life's goodness here in Brno.  I quite frankly am too lazy and wouldn't want to bore you with it all anyway.  Stay tuned though!